How to find discounts for law enforcement

Let’s face it, you’re not going to get rich as a law enforcement officer, but there are a few perks that come with the job.  Discounts of law enforcement officers are some of those benefits.  These discounts are generally given to law enforcement officers and to military personnel, emergency medical service workers and firefighters.

Discounts for law enforcement personnel are often given by companies who want to compensate public safety workers for their contribution to their communities. Reduced rates are given on everything from auto and homeowner insurance, to mobile phone service, and auto repair and maintenance. 

Discounts for law enforcement are usually in the range of 10% to 20%.  These rate reductions often aren’t advertised, so public safety workers must investigate which companies offer them. Always ask when you’re buying insurance, cell phone service and other potential sources of discounts. Most companies that offer discounts will want proof of employment, so you’ll need to show your official ID or badge.

Other sources of discounts for law enforcement are cruise lines.  They often offer discounts to military personnel and public safety workers. Holland America, Oceania Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruises are among the vacation cruise lines that offer discounts.  They’ll want you to supply proof of employment when you book your cruise in order to get your discount.

Sporting goods stores like Cabela’s give discounts for law enforcement officers. These reductions aren’t offered year-round, but are given at certain times of the year.  Ask to get on their mailing or emailing list to be notified about price reductions, so you can get great savings on equipment and gear.

Discounts for law enforcement are also offered at hospital food service outlets such as cafeterias and snack bars because they often spend time transporting people to hospitals.  Many times officers can eat for free.  These perks are only in effect when an officer is in uniform and on duty.

Local merchants also give discounts for law enforcement as a way of thanking them for their service to the community. These discounts are usually small, such as a free cup of coffee or sandwich.  Find out what your department’s policy on taking freebies from merchants as some of them limit or prohibit it. 

Don’t abuse discounts for law enforcement from businesses who are offering them out of generosity.

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