How to write a resume for becoming a law enforcement officer

If you’re considering a career in police work, you might be wondering how to write a resume for becoming a law enforcement officer.  As your resume is often the first impression that a potential employer has of you, it’s imperative that it be as well constructed as possible.  Here are some tips on how to make your resume the best it can be:

A resume for becoming a law enforcement officer isn’t all that different from a resume for any other profession.  You want to highlight your strengths and deemphasize you weaknesses in any resume, but there is certain information that must be conveyed, regardless.  The top of the page should contain your name and contact information, which includes your address, phone number (both home and cell) and email address.

The next step in crafting your resume for becoming a law enforcement officer is to write a brief profile summary.  This briefly describes who you are, what you’ve accomplished and your career goals. If you have prior law enforcement experience, this is the place to describe it.  If you don’t, then briefly describe whatever job experience you have had.  If you’ve been in the military, you definitely want to include this information, as this will give you an advantage with employers. If you’re currently in college and haven’t had any significant law enforcement experience, you should convey that information.

A resume for becoming a law enforcement officer should also include a chronological list of your employment history.  Include the employer, your job description, your skills, and responsibilities.  You can also list your accomplishments, such as “Received the salesperson of the year award three years in a row”, or “Advanced from shipping clerk to store manager in 2 years.”  Anything that exemplifies an excellent performance record should be included in your employment history.

When you’re crafting your resume for becoming a law enforcement officer, you also need to include your educational history.  If you’ve got a certificate or a degree in criminal justice, this is the place to include that information, along with the years of your schooling and the school where you got your degree. 

There are also many great resume writing businesses that specialize in resumes for becoming a law enforcement officer.  They can also offer you a variety of templates for writing it yourself if you choose to take that route. Whether you write it yourself or have someone else do it for you, make sure it conveys an accurate portrait of your strengths and skills that will help you achieve your career goal in law enforcement.

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