How to start training to be a law enforcement officer

If you’re getting ready to embark on a career in police work, you might be wondering how to start training to be a law enforcement officer.  The training process officially begins when you enter a police training academy, but you can get a head start on the process before you begin the program.

Training to become a law enforcement officer takes place both on the cognitive and physical level.  In order to meet the demands of the police academy, you need to be in peak condition, both mentally and physically.  You can get ready to meet this intense challenge ahead of time by beginning a conditioning program.

Most people don’t think of class work when they think of training to be a law enforcement officer, but it’s a large part of the curriculum at a police academy. You’ll be spending long hours in the classroom and afterwards you’ll be expected to hit the books and continue studying. You’ll be learning about law enforcement tactics and techniques, laws and other aspects of police work.  If it’s been a while since you’ve been in a classroom, brush up on your reading, math and spelling skills.  Find out if you can get written materials ahead of time so you can get a jump on reading assignments.  Passing the intellectual portion of training to be a law enforcement officer is imperative if you’re going to continue on the path to a police career, so do everything you can to prepare ahead of time.

The other thing you can do to start training to be a law enforcement officer is to get in peak physical condition. The physical portion of law enforcement training is rigorous, so get yourself in the best possible shape beforehand to ensure you pass the test. Begin a training program a month or two before you enter the police academy. Work out every day doing bench presses, pull-ups, sit-ups, leg presses and other strength building exercises to prepare your body for the challenge.  A rigorous cardio workout should also be a part of training to be a law enforcement officer and you should work up to a run of at least a few miles, because you’ll be expected to complete six miles by the end of academy training.

Training to be a law enforcement officer is something you should commit to with your entire body and soul, as the demands are rigorous.  Make up your mind ahead of time that you’ll do everything possible to meet the challenge so you can begin your police career without a hitch.

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