What are the different types of law enforcement vehicles?



Obviously, the bigger the police department, the more types of vehicles they possess, as they will have a wider variety of needs.  Here are some of the main types of law enforcement vehicles used today:

Patrol cars or Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPVs) are the most common type of law enforcement vehicles used today.  These vehicles are capable of reaching high speeds in record time in order to pursue fleeing suspects. Car companies modify certain models of cars for police use, rather than designing cars specifically for law enforcement use. Among the most commonly used models of PPVs are the Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor, the Ford Taurus, the Dodge Charger and the Chevy Caprice. These law enforcement vehicles are equipped with high performance engines, as well as heavier suspensions, high performance alternators, advanced braking systems, more battery power and other advanced features, including light bars and sirens.

A few police departments use exotic cars as law enforcement vehicles. Among those are Corvettes, Camaros and Mustangs.  These are usually vehicles that have been confiscated from drug dealers and are modified by the police department for use in high speed chases because of their supreme speed and handling capabilities.

SUVs are also among the different types of law enforcement vehicles. SUVs come in handy in areas where there’s rough terrain and hazardous driving conditions like ice and heavy snowfall.  Among the brands of SUVs used in police work are the Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, the Ford Excursion and the Hummer.

 Vans are another type of law enforcement vehicles used by police.  They’re used primarily for transport of prisoners, but can also be equipped with cameras, listening devices and recording equipment and used as surveillance vehicles.

SWAT teams also have armored vehicles.  These types of law enforcement vehicles are called out in special situations, such as those in which hostages are being held or multiple shooters are in control of an area.  They’re also used for crowd control in riot situations. These vehicles are specially reinforced to allow officers to safely enter areas that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

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