What are law enforcement forums

If you’re considering going into police work, or are already in the profession, you might be wondering about the role law enforcement forums.  Police forums serve many purposes.  For starters, they’re a great way for officers to get current info on a wide variety of law enforcement subjects.  Everything from the latest weapons and equipment to legal issues is discussed in these forums.

Oftentimes, police officers are too busy to read bulletins and discuss new developments with their superiors and co-workers, so law enforcement forums are a good way to keep up to date. Changes in laws and political developments that effect law enforcement are an important part of forum discussions because they help officers stay plugged in to things that help them do their job more effectively.

Law enforcement forums also provide officers an opportunity to safely and confidentially discuss aspects of police work that they might not be comfortable talking about otherwise. They can vent frustrations, ask questions and get the support of other officers without risking judgment by their superiors or co-workers.  Less experienced officers can ask questions of a veteran officer and get the answers they need to help them do their job better.  Law enforcement forums are a way for officers to de-stress about subjects and occurrences that are often difficult to talk about.

Some law enforcement forums are restricted only to police officers, while others let anyone participate. Restricted forums are strict about the identity of users to ensure that only law enforcement personnel can enter the site.  Etiquette is fairly standard in all forums –bashing of officers or law enforcement in general, foul language and inappropriate behavior isn’t tolerated.  People who don’t obey the rules are banned from the forum.

Law enforcement forums are usually separated into different areas of discussion, such as general, training, legal issues, weapons, equipment, tactical and family and relationship issues.  While some forums are generalized for all law enforcement branches, others are specific.  These are dedicated to branches like drug enforcement, border patrol, corrections, federal law enforcement, K-9 patrol and SWAT. Many forums contain job listings and are a great way to find out what agencies are hiring and what promotions are available to apply for. There are even forums for officers to post items that they want to sell.

Law enforcement forums can also be divided into geographical locations.  This makes it easy to converse with officers in a particular region who might share some of your concerns.  Forums take place in just about every continent and country and they’re a great way to learn about other law enforcement agencies, share ideas and discuss issues with officers from departments all over the world.

Police work can be extremely stressful and law enforcement forums are a valuable tool for officers to safely voice their concerns, get new information and obtain support from other officers.

Here are some law enforcement forums you might want to check out: 





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